Friendship Partners

Would you like to be  friends  with a local American family?

Friendship Partners is an amazing program that connects international students to American individuals or families.

It is a wonderful opportunity for cultural exchange as you build an ongoing relationship.

What is expected of a Friendship Partner ?

Friendship Partners are expected to spend time together once or twice per month. (Of course, you are welcome to spend time together more often than this though!)

The Friendship Partner agreement lasts 2 semesters.  (But we've seen some Friendship Partner relationships last for many, many years.)

What are things I can do with my Friendship Partner ?

You can visit each other's homes, cook meals together, visit a restaurant, go on a hike, attend an event together, explore the city, practice language, celebrate holidays together, and enjoy building a cross-cultural relationship :)

How do I apply?

To apply you can ask Susan Blazer (INTO UAB Advisor) for an application, email Caroline at, or Matheus at, or fill out this form for an application or more information. 

Applications for international students and scholars are due WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th!

A short orientation is required for all wanting to be matched. Student orientations will be on Zoom in the middle of September (you will only need to participate in one).

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building bridges
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